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Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Three Treasures

It's a proven fact that traditional Chinese medicine is the answer to a great deal of longevity questions. If you're serious about improving not only the length, but also the quality of your life, you can't ignore what the Asian health experts have been teaching for centuries.

Today, we'll look at what's called The Three Treasures.

In case you haven't heard, the three treasures are the three types of energy found in the universe. They're naturally present in each and everyone of us and are called Jing, Chi and Shen.

Let me take a moment to run you through them and tell you about their purpose.


Jing is the actual energy that determines the length of your life, as well as how much power you're going to have to accomplish things.

You were born with this energy and the more of it you have, the more you're going to be able to achieve in life. Normally, the successful action takers you see are the ones with a good amount of Jing.

This particular energy is used up through stress, lack of balance in life, too much work and excess.

When it is completely spent, you will die, so it's a good idea to replenish it daily, which can be done through the consumption of tonic herbs.


This is the energy you get from breathing or eating. It is spent as you go through each and every day, which makes you feel tired, but you can replenish it quite easily through deep breathing and proper nutrition.

As you breathe in, you're providing Chi to your body. That's why you'll see great Chinese masters meditating and doing a whole lot of breathing exercises.

When you have enough Chi, it will nourish your brain, your intestines, your heart...
... pretty much your entire body.

If you're unable to replenish Chi on your own, you can take some tonic herb extracts to help you with that.

The last type of energy we'll talk about is called...


This energy has to do with your emotional and spiritual functions. Your thinking, your perception of the world and your mental abilities are directly connected to Shen.

Naturally, if you're struggling emotionally, your shen will recede. Fortunately, just like in the case of the other two energies we mentioned, you can utilize tonic herbs to replenish it.

What tonic herbs to use?

There are more different types of tonic herbs available than I can list in this article. It is important to understand, however, that in order to enjoy the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and particularly the three treasures, you need to take in herbs that are pure, completely genuine and cultivated in their natural environment.

You're mostly going to be dealing with extracts, so when you purchase them, you must be sure that whoever provides them to you is a legitimate distributor that has your best interest in mind...
... not just money.

Traditional Chinese medicine is often under appreciated, especially in the western world, but if you understand the theory behind it and apply it in your life, it'll improve the quality of your life in a tremendous way.

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